WWE Supercard Fusion Chamber Guide

wwe supercard fusion chamber

In WWE SuperCard, you reach half the road to victory when you have a powerful card. In the normal draft picking process, getting a higher rarity card takes a lot of effort.

However, there is a game mode that can provide you the opportunity to convert our beast cards to Vanguards. The process is WWE Supercard Fusion Chamber.

This article is aimed at guiding you through the process of the Fusion Chamber in WWE Super card.

We will provide you with the operation of the Fusion of the Cards and the possible rewards in each chamber.

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WWE Supercard Fusion Chamber FAQ

Since the Game mode of the Fusion chamber is introduced, it has created an opportunity to produce Rare and legendary cards for the lower-tier players.

When you are at the lower rarity of the top eight cards and struggle to get legendary cards, you can use the Fusion Chamber to produce a higher tier card using your Beast cards.

wwe supercard fusion chamber cards

The Process

  • The process is straightforward. You need to sacrifice your unwanted card and leave them for a certain period in this Fusion Chamber.
  • Through a secret way, the cards are converted to a single fusion card.
  • All the cards that you have placed in the chamber are consumed.
  • To get a Fusion card in any tier, you have to use another Fusion card of a lower level.

Following are the details for each Fusion chamber after the WWE Season6 update:

Active Fusion ChamberTime RequiredTotal Points Required
Beast1h 00m225
Monster2h 00m350
Titan4h 00m500
Wrestle Mania 348h 00m650
Goliath12h 00m800
Summer slam 181d 00h950
Gothic1d 12h1100
Neon2d 00h1250
Shattered2d 12h1400
Wrestle mania 353d 00h1550
Cataclysm3d 12h1700
Summer slam 194d 00h1850
Nightmare4d 12h2000
Primal5d 00h2150
Vanguard5d 12h2300

Tips for using Fusion Chamber

Although the process is simple enough to create the new card, however, many players make some common mistakes in the upgradation process.

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Here are some tips for using the Fusion Chamber:

  • Any card which is upgraded or made a Pro does not make a difference in Fusion Chamber. It is always advisable not to use any pro-card as the card that you might be getting in the next tier might have lesser stats of your current pro-card.
  • Check the points of each card while you are adding them to the chamber. Do not lose any point. For example, you will require 500 points for Titan Chamber. Arrange your cards in a way that is not more than 500. You can use some support cards as well to fill in the required number.
  • The outcome of the Fusion chamber is entirely random, and no mechanism works. You have no surety that if you use the same card in the Fusion chamber, you will get a combined upgraded card.
  • Some promotional Fusion Recipes are available for a limited period. So if you need a specific hero for a period, use them.
  • Never use credit to finish the Fusion early. It is not a worthy use of your valuable credit.