Toughest Missions on Sniper 3D Assassin’s Chapter Two – A Detailed Guide


Sniper 3D Assassin is unlike any other shoot to kill mobile games. Instead of each mission getting dull and repetitive, the stakes are raised in each chapter. There are lots of missions on sniper 3d game but most of them are toughest and covered here.

The game has four chapters:–

  • Chapter 1 – Tonka Bay
  • Chapter 2 – Porter Heights
  • Chapter 3 – Jandsburg
  • Chapter 4 – Martinville

Chapter 1 (Tonka Bay) is pretty straightforward. You will be able to easily complete the basic requirements such as shooting from a long distance with just a 5x scope, spotting an enemy in the crowd, shooting at moving people, etc.

You’ll be easily able to cruise through the first chapter.

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However, in Chapter 2 (Porter Heights), the real difficulties start. So make sure that you will have to equip with maximum possible sources. Read more from portal.

Here are the toughest missions you’ll face in Porter Heights.

Read these guidelines to ensure you don’t waste all of your energy units.

Long Distance – Mission 1

long distance

  • Right of the bat, you’ll be challenged with a difficult task of killing an enemy on the rooftop who is stood at a distance that is further than your gun’s capacity.
  • Solved – You will have to factor in the bullet drop due to gravity. Aim slightly above the enemy’s head to hit your target. You’ll get three shots, and that’ll be enough for you to complete this mission.

Remote Detonation – Mission 6

remote detonation

  • After some relatively straightforward missions, in Mission 6, your observation skills will be tested. The pre-mission instructions are not clear, so determining who your enemy is difficult.
  • Solved – A man will repeatedly walk around the building corner. This character may look different each time, but you should be able to spot him as he will be carrying a detonating cell device. You’ll have enough time before he takes out his cell to register a headshot.

Ominous Nightmares – Mission 14

ominous nightmares

  • This mission will give you a taste of strategic shooting. You will have to take out four enemies in a short space of time. All of them will be stood at a steep angle. You need to take them all out quickly so that you don’t get spotted.
  • Solved – Start by taking out the enemy stood on the rooftop so that his surrounding teammates don’t notice immediately. Then, another enemy will expose himself – this is the perfect time to take him and the enemy standing the farthest out with two quick shots. By the time you scope out, the fourth enemy will be on the move. Aim well and shoot! You might waste a lot of energy units clearing Ominous Nightmares. Don’t worry; most players have a problem clearing this level!

Claiming the Head – Mission 19

claiming your head

  • Your enemy will be partially hidden behind the rooftop parapet. Due to his constant movement, you may not get a precise angle.
  • Solved – This round is all about patience. Keep a medium scope and shoot with your instinct whenever the enemy exposes his head.

Failed Negotiation – Mission 30

failed negotiation

  • The enemy will take a female passerby hostage. You’ll need to take him out instantly before he harms her or starts running.
  • Solved – Use at least a 6x scope to ensure your bullet doesn’t hit the hostage!

These missions are relatively tougher than the last mission in this chapter called ‘Stopping Troublemakers’ (35). Follow these basic instructions and cruise into Chapter 3 in no time!