The Battle Cats Beginners Guide to Handle the Gaming Hurdles!

The Battle Cats Beginners Guide

It is clear by the first glance that PONOS Corporation has already developed so many dedicated casual games and The Battle Cats is one of them. Check out this battle cats beginners guide to understand the game.

If you tend to play battle games then you will definitely like the gameplay of this game that will allow you to do battles with other cats.

Basically, you are going to run the cat squad and take them into the enemy base. You just need to register yourself as a new player in the game and develop your own cat army for playing the battles easily.

As the controllers of the game are really easy to understand so it will automatically allow them to play perfectly.

The Battle Cats Beginners Guide to Play the Game Perfectly

If you find yourself dedicated players, then you are really in the myth because there are already so many players those are being mastered of this game.

Basically, you have to understand that you are not only players who can win the battles; there are some more that can easily defeat you on the battlefield.

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However, along with these upcoming tips, players can being a pro player –

  1. To commence with the click on the cat that you need to so now you can select any cat for making it ready for the fight wisely and easily.
  2. Not only this, you can easily click on the fire that Cat Cannon to blast baddies getting close to your base. It is your responsibility of the player to secure the base in the game.
  3. You should simply overcome weird enemies along with right cat squad and easily take down the enemy base according to your need.
  4. Try to pay attention on the upgrades wisely that will automatically allow you to play wisely, so simply think that this is one of the main reasons why the The Battle Cats is being advertised as casual game. You can easily use the EXP in order to upgrade the cats.
  5. Cents generator is possible to be upgraded in the game, but for this you need to use the currencies wisely and perfectly. Therefore, simply spend the currency for upgrading it. Currency can be obtained for free using several legit methods mentioned on
  6. Players can get more Cat Food by using the premium currency and you can easily use it to buy blessing from the God before thought so simply unlock the God that is available at the special Cat column.
  7. By using the cat cannon, you can easily keep the base secure from any danger, so it will definitely allow you great protection when you are not live. Therefore, it will increase the chances of winning the battle in case enemy attacks on you.
  8. Now the time is to upgrading the cat Study, which is only possible with the XP, so simply use the XP for beating the level and upgrading the Cat study.

Final Words

Well, we have already mentioned some great aspects related to the game that will allow you to become a dedicated gamer of this game.