Hotel Empire Tycoon Hack Cheats : Get Unlimited Gems 100% Working Tested

hotel empire tycoon hack

Hotel Empire Tycoon Hack

Hotel Empire Tycoon is the hottest addition in the simulation game series by Codigames currently available in iOS and Android format. If you are familiar with simulation games, you will know how the gameplay acts in all of the Hotel Empire Tycoon.

hotel empire tycoon hack tool

Primarily you are given a hotel to manage. Starting from its front desk to restaurants housekeeping and its marketing strategy, all are dependent on your decisions.

Still, like all other game models, you would have to go through a particular currency system, which will turn your hotel into a revenue-generating operation. So what are the hindrances in the game that makes many players stuck at the very beginning? The coins and diamonds- the two most vital elements that run your complete balance sheet.

In this post, we will provide you with the Hotel Empire Tycoon Hack to play the game without getting short of coins.

14 Hotel Empire Tycoon Hack And Cheats To Earn Free Money in The Game

1. Understand The Gameplay

In Hotel Empire Tycoon you must realise the gameplay before you delve into the game economy.

The game provides you with a hotel to manage and simultaneously be a hotel tycoon. So you have to know the operations of running a hotel. You must have a balanced expenditure in comparison to the earnings you make to make the Hotel Empire Tycoon unlimited money. To the right upper corner, you will get the stats of your hotel per day which will indicate the balance sheet. The Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats to keep your profit at an accelerating pace is always keep your balance cash positive.

2. Accomplish the Missions

As the first tip of Hotel Empire Tycoon, we suggest you play the game according to the tasks provided. The reason is straightforward- in the beginning, you may struggle to decide where to spend, and that may lead to unnecessary expenses. To keep your hotel on track, you must start accomplishing the missions.

Missions are the only Hotel Empire Tycoon hack to earn diamonds in the game. At the start, you will receive the welcome gift of thirty diamonds. But every mission you complete will provide you with five diamonds.

At the same time, it will guide you through the initial tasks that will generate revenue. So never miss any mission and collect all the diamonds from it.

3. Know the Timeline

The hotel runs in a timetable which can be seen at the upper left corner of the game screen. The restaurants start operation from 6:30 whereas the bar opens at 8:00 in the morning. As you provide service to the guests, you earn Hotel Empire Tycoon unlimited money.

You will receive money from the guests on an hourly basis, and the wages are paid at the day end.

The Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats to save money, in the beginning, is to keep a track on the housekeeping staffs. They start working at 9:00, and you need to turn this function to a profitable income.

There is another Hotel Empire Tycoon hack to follow to ma age your timeline. The revenue generation in the restaurants parking and bar stops at night time. You will find a night sign when the time arrives. Click on the symbol, and you can instantly pass this period. All you need to do is watch a commercial. Always do so to turn your facilities active and earning for you.

4. Create More Rooms in the Hotel

Bedrooms are the primary earning source for you as they accommodate the guests. Having more number of Rooms is therefore essential to cater for more guests.

The Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats you have to remember is as you earn the required number of the coin you must build the Room. Double bedrooms have more benefit.

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Always have a look at the front desk to know how many rooms are empty. You can check this out in the led screen in the front office. Also, have a look at the guest rush, always try to serve the guest, and when you see more guests are returning due to no room invest in new Rooms.

5. Upgrade Rooms with Amenities

Every Room has a list of amenities that you have to purchase through coins. Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats to play this part is to get all the rooms equipped with these facilities uniformly.

Double rooms turn into more profit if they have higher facilities so always make sure you prioritise the double rooms first.

Another excellent Hotel Empire Tycoon hack to increase coin is to invest first in those facilities that do not consume energy. If you run out of power, you cannot create more rooms or upgrade the rooms.

6. Manage Your Energy Consumption

When you want to build more rooms or add amenities to the Room, it will require additional energy. You will have an electrical room where you have to manage your energy requirements. The electrical Room can accommodate a power generator and three batteries. The generator would produce more energy than batteries.

There is Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats to manage the electrical Room in the beginning. Get your generator first but don’t upgrade it. Instead buy batteries as the battery costs are less than the cost of upgrading your generator. When you have all three generators, improve them suitably and when you are at the need for higher energy, then only think of upgrading your generator.

There are specific upgradation like the front office upgradation that reduces energy consumption. Always try to upgrade this part to save more energy.

7. Create More Parking Lot

Parking lot generates money at a decent pace. You will have one parking lot at the start, but gradually you need to increase the number. There may be guests going away from the hotel due to lack of parking.

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Often you will find a sign of car on the screen if you are using the fair game and not a hotel empire tycoon hack apk. When you tap on, it will show an option to sign a deal with a travel agency to bring tourists to your hotel. You need not make any coin spending after it; only need to watch a commercial ad.

8. Multiply Your Profit x 2

Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats to multiply your earnings into double is to watch a video. Every video you watch gives you ten minutes to increase your profit. There is a meter that counts the period and the maximum period you can have at a time is two hours.

So here is cheat to get the double coins. Watch twelve ads as there is no limit of the video you can watch. It will trigger your multiplier meter to two hours. But the option is not available in hotel empire tycoon mod apk.

9. Take a Break

It is quite apparent that when you spend all your coin, you need to take a break. But we have a Hotel Empire Tycoon hack to follow when you come back as you return in the game you will be prompted to double your offline earning through watching a video. You can follow it and grab the extra money in 30 seconds if you are not using any hotel empire tycoon mod apk.

10. Get Notified

When you are away from the game, offline management can run up to two hours. After that, the operation stops, and you do not earn any money.

So if you feel that you will come back after a long period and double up the money using the above Hotel Empire Tycoon hack that’s not going to happen, the best way to run your business uninterruptedly is to set your notification on. It will remind you when your hotel is going to end.  Immediately login the game and keep it running.

11. Never Upset the Special Patron

Often you will find visitors who appear different, and as he arrives, there is a notification. These are very important patrons and Hotel Empire Tycoon hack to get free money. Tap on them and watch a video to satisfy them. In return, you will receive cash as a gift from them only when your game is legal and not hotel empire tycoon hack apk.

12. Hire and Fire

It is always essential to keep control of your expenses, and the majority of your cost is due to wages for staffs. So depending on your requirement hire and fire staffs. But note that staff wages are paid daily. So make sure the workers completes its tenure before you fire them.

13. Improve Your Star Rating

If you think that you will be working on one single hotel that is not going to happen in this game. After you accomplish the major upgradation, your star rating will increase. It is the only Hotel Empire Tycoon hack to unlock new Hotels. So you should improve the star rating and establish new hotel to play the game switching between them.

14. Spend on Advertising

Use this Hotel Empire Tycoon tips cautiously as it is going to spend a lot of money. However, as you grow, you need to let people know about it. Suggestion for using it is when you have more empty rooms. You can engage and disable as and when required as the cost is deducted per hour.

Final Words

Hotel Empire Tycoon is termed as idle games as these are not burton mashers. You can play the game at a leisurely pace and enjoy being the Manager of Hotels once you follow all the above Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats. No one can stop you from becoming a millionaire in a short span.