Covet Fashion Cheats Hack To Play Free For LifeTime

covet fashion cheats

Covet Fashion Hack

Covet Fashion is a luxurious game of Fashion designing that boosts your imagination with a variety of opportunities. The game is all about showcasing your creativity in Fashion using aesthetics and natural beauty.

The game has in-app purchases, and that is managed through world-class currencies like tickets and diamonds. As a free to play gamer, we have experiences some Covet Fashion cheats which we will be sharing through this post. If you follow them, you can also play the game without spending a dime. But before that, let us get familiar with the key drivers of the game.

Crowdstar, who was the original developer of the game had been taken over by Glu Mobile. As a matter of surprise, Covet Fashion has been contributing a significant part in Glu’s Revenue. The reason is its uniqueness and fresh content.

Covet Fashion has active users of 600,000 daily who is enchanted with everyday events. The game has a connection with the world-class brands of the Fashion world, and you get these brands to work together as your fashion companion when you play Covet Fashion.

Covet Fashion In Game Currencies

Dollar, Diamond and credit, these are the prime currencies of Covet Fashion. Items can be purchased through dollar or diamonds. Some specific accessories or props can be purchased with credits.

You can earn dollar and diamond through the Covet Fashion cheats we will provide below. But there is no Covet fashion cheats that actually work to receive credit, and without spending money, you cannot get it.

Another essential element is the ticket. You have to spend Tickets to take part in any contest. The game has an excellent way to earn Tickets. Follow the article to know them all.

Top 6 Covet Fashion Hack And Cheats to Fill Your Closet

1. Take part in competitions

Covet Fashion competitions are the easiest Covet Fashion hack to get dollars from the game. In the beginning, you will be prompted with some challenges which are quite easy to design with the available set of costumes you have.

The Covet Fashion hack to play the game in the initial phase is merely the design and submit. Your competitions will be with the entry-level players who might also face the challenges of lack of variety.

But, if you complete the challenges fulfilling the criteria, you can win the secured star. Once you reach 4.5, you can get exclusive rewards.

2. Play the Series Challenges!

Series challenges are the next Covet Fashion hack you have to participate for getting exciting rewards. In Covet Fashion, you aim to get the fashion accessories free as a reward. In the series challenge, this opportunity is enormous. You can collect dresses, bags, props as rewards from these series. The best Covet Fashion tips are even you do not win the competition still you receive some fashion accessories.

Another Covet Fashion tips to get more star rating is to use new dresses. When you use unworn dresses in these competitions, you get 0.4 star which is easy to grab.

3. Take part in Jet Set Challenges

After you take part in six challenges, you get an entry ticket to roam around the world and take part in different fashion shows across the globe.

As a beginner, you might hesitate taking part in these challenges since you will lack in resources. But we suggest you take part in these challenges as the cash reward is much more.

When you are in search of Covet fashion cheats that actually work, you must know that Jet Set Challenges are the most significant opportunity to make cash and diamonds.  But if you want to have Covet Fashion unlimited money, you need to pay the developers.

4. Join a Fashion House

Fashion Houses are the concept of a guild in the game which has multiple benefits. When you are into any Fashion House, you will realise that you have come under a big umbrella where you will receive style Covet Fashion tips, in-house reviews and the most important is Prizes.

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In the Runway rally feature, you along with your Fashion house, will take part in challenges. The essential part of competing for these challenges is to have fashion wear, and you can borrow them from your fellow Fashion Housemates.

Never play with Covet Fashion hack apk; as none of the House will accept you as a member.

5. Have Friends

Facebook friends are your supports in need, and you must have them. In current day social gaming having connected with many players has the most significant benefit, and that is sharing resources.

When you have a friend, you can use their closet for free, and that will be effectively used while you want to increase your coin bonuses.

Covet Fashion has various events which will enable you to receive cash by merely taking part in it. So when you have an additional closet to use for, these events become easier. You need not buy a new dress, shoes or accessories as you can use your friend’s items.

6. Covet Fashion Prop Store

The excellent Covet Fashion hack to boost your design is Covet Fashion Prop store. As you reach level 5, you are eligible to use some props to make your design attractive.

You will receive some props for free, and the best of them is a pet. You can use a maximum of three Props. However, Covet Fashion cheats to use the prop store is investing carefully in purchasing them. You must know that the original design is to be done with clothes and accessories. Use free items as much as you can at the start unless you need props as a requirement in any design.

Step by Step Guide to Collect In-Game Currency

How to Get Covet Fashion Unlimited Cash

  • Start playing the game and collect a welcome bonus of Cash, tickets & Diamonds. You will receive 1200 diamonds, 5000 dollar and 125 Tickets. Apart from the daily rewards, you will receive some free dresses to start with.
  • Take part in the daily challenge and collect 500$ as an entry gift. You will receive the rewards also for your design.
  • Enter six other challenges and collect 600$ reward for taking part. You will receive prizes for all these entries, and if you will 4.5 star, you will receive an additional 25 diamonds.
  • Connect with three Facebook friends and collect 1000$ from each of your friends.

When you complete all the above, you will have 9100$, and 1200 diamond. However, you will be out of tickets by now. Do not worry our next Covet Fashion cheat will tell you how to earn Covet Fashion unlimited tickets.

Vote and Collect a Ticket

Voting is the only available Covet Fashion hack to earn a Ticket. In the game, your design is not voted by AI, but real players do it.

  • You will get unlimited opportunity to earn tickets through voting- but there is a cap of 75 Tickets to collect at a time. When you vote for designs, but your ticket meter is full, you will not receive any ticket.
  • Every three votes give you two tickets.

You will receive 20 tickets daily for login the game. Check your inbox after you log in the game and collect the tickets. But make sure you have an empty slot in Tickets, i.e. the number of tickets you have can accommodate 20 more without reaching the maximum.

Daily Diamonds Gift

Daily you will receive 100 diamonds from the developers if you log in the game. Never miss these daily Covet Fashion hack. You have to check your inbox to collect it.

Watch a video

In the game, you will get the chance to earn cash and diamond if you watch a video. Never miss these easy Covet Fashion cheats.

How to Unlock Everything in Covet Fashion?

Firstly we will tell you the truth- there is no mechanism to unlock all in Covet Fashion without spending diamonds. So you will require Covet Fashion unlimited diamonds to get all these items.

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Many articles are available, which shows Covet Fashion mod apk or cheat codes to give you diamonds. We have also been analysing them, but the result is negative. All the statements made by these Covet Fashion hack apk sites are a farce.  We suggest you stay away from all of them.

Covet Fashion Cheats to win 5000 Diamonds

Many players feel that winning in Covet Fashion is difficult. Indeed it is, but we can suggest some Covet Fashion tips that will make your design challenging.

  • Covet Fashion Covet Fashion cheats to create a comprehensive design lies within your creativity. Bring out the ultimate look of your model through the best accessories that match with the theme.
  • Always try to grab the bonus points of the seasonal dress and unworn dresses. Even though you get five stars in your look, you cannot get the 5000 diamonds unless you have 5.8 scores and this additional rating comes through using the seasonal dress and unworn dresses. If you think you will get it through Covet Fashion mod apk, forget it.
  • Creating contrast is the best Covet Fashion cheat to win prizes. When you design a model, you have to look at the background also. You have to keep in mind that most of the players vote to get the tickets and they spend very minimum time in reviewing your design. A contrasting look is always eye-catching and improves your chance to win.
  • Getting inspired through top looks and trending items is the next best Covet Fashion tip. Always take ideas from the winners to understand the mindset of the player online and modify your designs accordingly.
  • Understanding the requirements is the best of Covet Fashion tips to create a perfect look. Review your design before submission and take the suggestions. You might get better recommendations from your Fashion housemates.
  • Always review the shops and tend to purchase with cash rather than diamonds. Save your diamonds for special events.

Final Words

Covet Fashion is the most well-crafted fashion designing games that boost your imagination and creative soul. The ultimate Covet Fashion hack to enjoy the game is to play on a bigger screen. So portray your design and take pride in your originality.