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Stitch Talkie Update

It’s been a while since the Stitch talkie announcement, so we owe you all an update. Let’s cover all the bases…

Matt is busy working at Daedalic Entertainment, and we can now publicly say that his current project is a Ken Follett game. Matt has met with the renowned author, and is building an exciting new adventure based on one of his works.

I (Greg) have been busy working at Vox Media on features across all publications, including Polygon, The Verge, and our newcomer Vox. I’ve also been teaching a night course for the past quarter which has taken up a lot of time.

The Stitch talkie is about 95% complete. It’s been a HUGE recording effort for an indie production: 6100 lines of dialog from 37 characters, all of which needs to be recorded, edited, and then mastered into the game. Overall, we’re really happy with the sound of it! Good news: all original cast members from the Tick talkie have returned to their respective roles. Between Alex (Nathan), Sarah (Nora), and now Travis (Nigel), the lead roles are quite strong. I think we’ve now finally found a Lionstone, which was the last major uncast part.

ALSO: we’re actively seeking a proofreader to polish up the existing German screenplay to match the final English recording screenplay. Please contact me if you’d be interested in working on this project. That’s the word. Sorry we don’t have a hard release date, but at least progress is being made.

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