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Series Release

Folks, it’s the end of an era. Since the original 2007 release of What Makes You Tick?, these games have been an ongoing adventure for Matt and I. From evolutions in technology, to new language translations, to full blown voice casts; the Tick games have remained close to our hearts, and their characters our dear friends. Each new evolution of these games has brought something wonderful, and we’re thrilled to conclude with the ultimate realization of these characters, as brought to life by our wonderful vocal cast. Also coming full-circle back to Matt’s original 2007 freeware release, we’re proud to be sunsetting these games to where they belong: into the hands of our fans, as indie freeware downloads (mind the hodge-podge of free download hosting providers that we’re linking to!).

But most importantly, we’ve made some great friends and gone some great places along this journey. To all of our friends and fans: we thank you for joining us on the ride. What’s next? Well, we’re just a couple of guys pursuing our lives and careers, which is of course a full-time adventure. So is this the end for Nathan, Nigel, and the world of What Makes You Tick? Possibly, but then time also works in funny ways… who can really say when the clockwork stops ticking?

Without further ado, download and enjoy:


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