Story Overview

Part 1: “What Makes You Tick?”

The prequel game, “What Makes You Tick?” is available for free download. A fan has also created a live play-through video, available on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jmP9ZRkHlw. You may want to play the prequel game before reading this overview!

A young man named Nathan is sent by the University of B. to deliver an important message to one of their former faculty members, Dr. William Coppelius. Nathan is sent to Coppelius’ last known residence to warn the doctor that he may be in grave danger.

Nathan arrives in the wheat fields around Coppelius’ home to begin his search for the doctor. Nathan first encounters Coppelius’ sick grand daughter, Nora, who suffers from an ailing heart.

After finding his way into Coppelius’ home and secret laboratory, Nathan finally catches up with Dr. Coppelius to deliver his message. But Nathan is too late… a dangerous man named Vincent has already arrived, and confronts Nathan and Coppelius.

Vincent’s connection to Coppelius is revealed through an old photograph. The photograph shows Coppelius and Vincent among a group of nine scientists who used to work together at the Smith Institute for Advanced Research. The nine colleagues created brilliant and powerful inventions together; but they were forced to disband when Vincent tried to steal their work to serve his own lust for power. The nine scientists destroyed their research and dismantled their prototypes to keep them from Vincent, then split up and went into hiding.

However, Vincent has discovered that one of Coppelius’ inventions –a mechanical heart– has survived. Coppelius implanted the heart in Nora, his sick grand daughter, to save her life. Vincent learns where the heart is hidden, then kidnaps Nora and escapes in a stolen ship. The story ends with Nora trapped at sea and Vincent looming over her asking, “I just want to know… What Makes You Tick?”.

Part 2: “What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time”

A young man named Nathan and a brilliant scientist—one Dr.William Coppelius—arrive in the seaside village of Ravenhollow in pursuit of Coppelius’ kidnapped granddaughter…

Meanwhile, another young man named Nigel Trelawney has been summoned to this sleepy fishing village to settle the estate of his late father, Dr. Anthony Trelawney. In his prime, Dr. Trelawney was one of nine elite scientists working at the Smith Institute for Advanced Research. Unfortunately, the Smith Institute members were  forced to disband when a traitor was revealed among them. Now the Smith Institute stands silent and abandoned just outside of Ravenhollow, and Nigel arrives to sort through the remaining pieces of his father’s life after his work at the institute.

However, Nigel soon discovers that not all is at peace within Ravenhollow. The shadow of a nearby castle has fallen over the village since a recluse baron—unseen within the castle walls—has assembled a security force to lock down the village. Tyranny and oppression have gripped the villagers, and newcomers are subject to intense scrutiny. As Nigel struggles to resolve his father’s estate amongst adversaries hidden within the castle, he begins to realize that the source of all deception and mystery currently plaguing Ravenhollow leads back to the Smith Institute and its untimely end; and that the matter of his father’s estate holds a dangerous link to Coppelius’ kidnapped granddaughter.

Bringing to life the literary themes of Franz Kafka combined with the world of What Makes You Tick?, What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time embarks on a whole new epic adventure. Both new and familiar faces bring the world of Ravenhollow to life and encourage players to explore this world of many secrets during the day and at night!