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by Rainer, September 13, 2010 at 10:58 am

Woah, easily the greatest indie adventure game I ever played, well, maybe along with “Time, Gentlemen, Please” […] I actually found the bit of humour you added quite enjoyable.

And the atmosphere – did I mention the atmosphere? You did a real good job at making it eerie and enjoyable at the same time. You were a bit lighter on the puzzles, though, or I’m just that well trained now, and fully logical puzzles tend to be easier to solve anyways… but that kept the pacing just right! The story has a pretty neat composition as well.

To be honest, I hesitated briefly to fork over the 14,50 € the price amounted to in the end. But I actually underestimated the playing time you could get out of 60 megs in a Lassie-Adventure, as I’m much more familiar with the AGS output.
I definitely didn’t regret making the buy, you earned every single cent of it for sure! Actually, the only points in which it fell short of a perfectly polished modern adventure game was the lack of voice-acting and the lack of animation for interaction with a couple of objects. On the other hand, I would have resented having to wait for another year just to see those features realized, and the additional effort probably would have raised the price, too.

A big fat bow in respect to you guys!

by David, September 17, 2010 at 8:48 am

First of all: Great job!!! Worth every penny!

IMHO even better than many (if not most)studio-produced commercial games on the market right now. It truly captures the very old days style and charm Lucas Arts has totally lost turning to 3D. Many really nice and logical riddles! Considering the major improvement from the first to the second part, one craves for the next one (even though it is of course rude to ask so shortly after the release of the present one ). One can only wish commercial success!! A mublisher maybe…?

Two personal remarks (not intended to flaw ANYTHING said above) that the developers may already know themselves:

First: There is still potential for improvement, especially on the animations.
Second: On the story… ((SPOILER. read full comment))

Still great job! Keep up the good work and keep improving!

by HaL, September 21, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Thanks for that great game!!!

I had to take some minor looks in the walk-through (which was written very well if you just needed a little hint here and there!) but the puzzles are very logical. I also liked the backgrounds and music very much. I might even buy it again if you release a German version!

Kind regards!