How long is Stitch compared to Tick?

The original What Makes You Tick? bills itself as “an adventure game short story”. As such, you should be able to complete the game in 30-60 minutes. However, A Stitch in Time is a full-length adventure game (with all the nuance of 90′s puzzles!). Even knowing exactly where to go, what to do, and skipping dialogue, you’ll be hard-pressed to make it through Stitch in less than two hours.

Does the full version have voices?

YES!!! It took the better part of a decade, but we eventually stepped up to recording full audio dramas for both games.

Can I run the game in full screen?

The game does have a fullscreen setting (available in the game “options” menu), however it requires a 4:3 aspect ratio. The games display pillar-boxed on wider screens.

The game locked up, or something odd happened while I was playing… what do I do?

Shoot. Sorry about that – we did our best! Try restarting and using the “Continue Game” option to pick up at the last auto-save point. Otherwise, we got nothin’.

Can I get a localized copy of the game?

The games have been released with all the localizations we have: that being Spanish for Tick and German for Stitch. Weird combo, right? That’s because our localizations have been provided by partners and fans who liked the content and wanted to see it in their own language. If you’d like to see a translation into your own language, then we’re more than happy to instruct you on how to produce one!

Is A Stitch in Time the final installment of the What Makes You Tick story?

Well… to be perfectly honest, we’re not in college anymore. The chances of committing a year+ to building a new story with a new modernized platform is unlikely. That said, the future works in strange ways, and Matt does work for a game company. So, who can really say when the clockwork stops ticking?